Fact & Figures

HIV / AIDS in Kerala

Adult HIV Prevalence – 0.26%,
Prevalence in Ante Natal Clinics 0.38% (HSS 2007)
Estimated Number of HIV Positives – 55167



HIV Prevalence in High risk Population
(2007 Sentinel Surveillance)
Female Sex workers - 0.87% Men having Sex with Men - 0.96%
Injecting Drug Users - 7.85%
Sexually Transmitted Infections clinic attendees - 1.6%


NACP – Service Centers (as on December. 2008)
Integrated Counseling and Testing Centres– 128
Anti Retroviral Therapy Clinics - 6
Drop In Centres 14
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinics– 21

The first case of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection was identified in Kerala in 1987. HIV prevalence rate in the general population is 0.26 % in spite of the fact that it is surrounded by four high prevalent states. The estimated number of people infected with HIV in Kerala is 55167. The route of HIV transmission in Kerala is heterosexual 82%, homosexual 2%, through injecting drug use 7.85%, mother to child 7%, through blood /blood products 1% and unspecified 5.5%. The prevalence among pregnant women attending Antenatal Clinics (ANC) as per the 2007 sentinel surveillance round is 0.38 %. It is the direct reflection of the prevalence in general population and it is found to show a stabilizing trend since 2003. The adult HIV prevalence rate is 0.26%. The male to female ratio is 1.65: 1. The age of majority of infected individuals (84%) is between 25 to 49 yrs. So far, 8711 Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) have been registered at ART centres and 4481 have been started on Anti retroviral therapy (ART).

The HIV epidemic in Kerala is a concentrated epidemic with more than 7.6% of Injecting Drug Users (1DUs) infected and only 0.96% of Men having Sex with Men (MSM) and 0.87% Female Sex Workers (FSWs) being infected. Although HIV prevalence among SWs and MSM are under 1%, the prevalence among IDUs is more than 7% and in fact alarming. Current data suggest that the HIV epidemic in the state is largely confined to individuals with high-risk behavior and their sexual partners.