National Helpline

Eighty percent of the public, even the highly educated have doubts with regard to basic facts on HIV/AIDS, because awareness and knowledge play a big role in HIV control and treatment. To find a way out, the Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) has launched a 24-hour tele-counseling service, which will assist the common man in clearing doubts and queries regarding AIDS, HIV, sexuality or sex-related diseases.

All that’s now needed is to dial the toll-free number 1097

All You Wanted to Know
Apart from clearing your doubts, this facility will also pass on important information that people are usually unaware of. For example can an HIV positive pregnant woman give birth to an HIV negative baby, if proper treatment is given? That HIV infected people take years to reach the state called AIDS. Or that Anti-Retroviral Therapy can be provided to help the infected live a long life.

Credible and Reliable
Most people depend on unreliable sources and accumulate misinformation on sexuality and related subjects. Such people can get correct information and apt advice through the tele-counseling service. This venture will also be a blessing for those who find it difficult to disclose sexuality-related issues to doctors and counselors in person.

Who will Help You
Trained counselors will help you. Intense training has been given to them and they will clear your doubts in almost all areas of HIV/AIDS, sexuality and other related matters.