Mission & Vision

Our Mission
We dedicate ourselves to averting the spread of HIV and AIDS in the state of Kerala through advocacy, education, empowerment, outreach, preventive services  and improving the lives of people with HIV and AIDS by providing care and support services.

Our Vision

Everyone in the state is safe from HIV/AIDS.

Our Values
  • Everyone in the state has factual information about HIV/AIDS.
  • Everyone in the state has access to HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.
  • Every vulnerable group or individual in the state is free of stigma and discrimination.
  • Everyone infected with HIV/AIDS in the state lives with dignity and respect, has access to quality care and leads a productive life.
  • Cultural sensitivity and recognition of the values of our society.
  • Respect for fundamental human rights and treating our stakeholders with dignity.
  • Transparency, accountability and integrity in our work.
  • Maintenance of high standards of professionalism and execution of effective strategies.
  • Passion for accomplishing our mission with the shared insights of our team and partners.