Information Education Communication

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) for promoting behaviour change and to encourage and sustain positive healthy behaviours among individuals and communities is the cornerstone of HIV programming. IEC embrace within its ambit not just material development but provide synthesis of Mass Media, IPC, Social mobilization and advocacy and community participation that all has to go hand in hand. Thus IEC is component specific, issue specific and catering to the needs of each and every target population perfectly blended with each and every component of National AIDS Control Programme. In the current phase of NACP, Information, Education and Communication activities focus on the areas of Mass Media, IEC printing and distribution, Outdoor and Mid Media, Events, Mainstreaming, Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV (GIPA) and Youth Affairs.

The IEC Strategy broadly focuses on:

1)         HIV prevention

2)         Service Uptake

3)         Diminishing of Stigma and Discrimination towards PLHIV

 4)         Civil Society Mainstreaming



Information Communication Technology






Youtube Channel:

Helpline Number :1097


Social Media:


  • Online Competitions for Youth : Action Creation & Thought (ACT) making Short video, Trolls and Logo recreation
  • An active FB page of KSACS, in which  posters and  short videos, Live streamings conducted
  • FB Posts were done as part of various Day Observances and General Information on HIV on Prevention, Elimination of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV (EMTCT) , Drug abuse and  Voluntary Blood Donation
  • Videos were posted in YouTube channel of Kerala SACS.
  • Updates in website. 

Expenditure for Social Media


Campaign Roll-Out

  • Best Use of influential people for our Campaigns: Mr. Mohanlal& Ms. Manju Warrier as Goodwill Ambassadors. Introduction of Neeraj Madhav actor- as the Youth Ambassador. Awareness Video spots were developed using these celebrities.  
  • Specialized Campaigns like Sradha Campaign, Know Your Status Campaign started focusing on 95-95-95 targets and EMTCT Campaign already started
  • Folk Media Campaign focused on Tribal, Coastal and rural areas-themes and messages updated with Global Elimination, Know Your Status, 95-95-95 Target , EMTCT
  • To achieve 95-95-95 targets, Campaigns including Traditional & Modern Media activities were conducted.
  • To increase foot fall in ICTCs for achieving first 95, Know Your HIV Status Campaign and EMTCT Campaign will be strengthened and Campaign focusing on Youth & HIV will be started with more involvement of Mainstreaming line departments and Private Health Sector, Departments dealing with Youth Affairs. 
  • Elimination of HIV by 2025.

Other Media Activities

Spots in Private TV Channels: We had developed ad spots starring Mr.Mohanlal and Manju Warrier.  A total number of 40 spots targeted. We released 64 spots in connection with events like World Blood Donor Day, National Blood Donor Day, World AIDS Day. Channels: Asianet News, Flowers, Mazhavil Manorama, Matrubhumi TV, Mangalam TV (Prime time release with good TRP Ratings).

Ads were released to be played in 160 for an average 25 days; the theatres played the Mohanlal ad for increasing awareness and getting advocating early testing.

Awareness Programmes in Radio: All India Radio an average of 500 spots are released annually and Long format awareness programmes are aired on thematic issues. As per Radio Research Unit survey more than 70% of Radio Households listen during morning and afternoon Long format programmes like Talk, Interviews and Live-phone Ins were done free of cost during events. Two Day Brandings with greetings and average 450 seconds ad spots are done

Spots in FM Channels:  Against the physical target of 900 spots, we have released 1000 spots in Private FMs and Community Radios. Club FM and Red FM which are the major channels through we release ads have a listenership of nearly 50 lakhs as per Source IRS 2019.

Long Format Programmes in TV (Doordarshan & Private TV): Few episodes in different formats like Live-Phone-in, Talk Shows, Reports and Features are aired in connection with WAD free of cost.

Newspapers: Advertisements based on events, thematic ads and HIV related stories released through Newspapers. We release ads in newspapers with high circulation as per ABC, like Matrubhumi, Times of India, Hindu etc. We give ads in specific editions also.  We have released ads in 52 ads in various editions. Readership is usually 2.5 times the circulation. So, if we give an ad in Matrubhumi, it reaches to 35 lakhs of people

Magazine Ads: Articles and Ads are being given in Nammudeaarogyam, IMA Magazine and other magazines like Grihalekshmi, Fast track,  Chalachitra Sameeksha, Yojana, etc. Expenditure 3Lakhs

Cinema Theatre Ads: Awareness spots were released in more than 100 theatres all over the state .

IEC Material Production

IEC Materials like Posters, Leaflets, Booklets on the themes of HIV Basics, HIV Testing, Sexually Transmitted Infections, New ART Regime, ART Centres, ICTC centres, HIV & Covid, HIV-TB Correlation, Voluntary Blood Donation were produced and distributed. Designing and creative work done by Govt. Communication Agency for Campaigns, Events and General IEC for Printing and Social Media & KSACS

Youth Intervention

Red Ribbon Clubs 


There are 315 Red Ribbon Clubs active in Professional & Art Colleges and ITIs all over Kerala

Quiz Competition for Colllege students was done in hybrid mode, Preliminary round through online platform viz., Regional Level in online mode and Final was done offline mode.  Short film Competitions for Youth was conducted. Peer Educator Conference for Red Ribbon Club volunteers conducted on virtual platform for zones .

Annual programmes of Red Ribbon clubs in 315 colleges were done by colleges.

Adolescent Health Education Programme (AHEP)

This programme that give awareness on the Process of Growing up emphasising HIV, STI, Drug Abuse, Voluntary Blood Donation, to High School and Higher Secondary School students through Nodal Teachers those who are trained Resource Persons is active in 5000 Schools across Kerala.

Out of School Youth Programme:

This focuses on youth who are not present in schools and colleges. To address this group activities are conducted with the support of Youth Welfare Board, Nehru Yuva Kendra, etc.

Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA)  and Advocacy & Mainstreaming

  • GIPA Trainings- 2020-21:

Capacity building of District Level Network of PLHIVs ,VIHAAN/BPCL & SLN/DLN done on virtual mode.

  • Advocacy & Mainstreaming Trainings- 2020-2021:

Joint Working Group Meeting with Line Departments held as part of AdvocacyTraining of  CDPOs, Orientation Programme for  SC promoters, Preraks of Saksharatha Mission Railway Staff, Prisons Staff conducted on virtual Platform



Name of the scheme

Provided by the department/NGOs/PLHIV Networks/CSCs

Benefits in scheme

No: of PLHIVs availing the scheme


ART Medicine distribution through home delivery

PLHIV Networks & CSCs

PLHIVs availed ART medicine from the outreach workers of CSCs /Networks during covid 19 period


During the covid 19 period outreach workers of VIHAAN CSCs & PLHIV networks conducted home delivery for distributing  ART medicines to the PLHIVs with the support of ART Centres

Special Ration

Civil Supplies Dept:

Special ration kit including rice, cereals, oil, tea powder, sugar, wheat powder etc

9346 families

Govt: of Kerala implemented special ration distribution to the APL & BPL card holders in the state during Covid19 pandemic period.

Widow Pension

State Govt

Availed widow pension by the Widow PLHIVs


State Govt: sanctioned various welfare pensions to the state during the Covid 19 pandemic periods. Out of this various schemes widow PLHIVs are benefited this schemes


PM Kissan Yojana

Central Govt: Scheme

Availed financial aid by the PLHIVs those who are in the farmer sectors for promoting /continuing their routine activities.




Special Financial Aid for BPL /AAY card holders

State Govt:

Availed Rs. 1000/- by per PLHIVs


State Govt: sanctioned special financial aid to the BPL /AAY card holders

Ujjala Yojana

Central Govt: Scheme

Availed free Gas Cylinders by each PLHIV families in the BPL category

470 families

PLHIV families included in this scheme for availing free distribution of gas cylinder

Nutrition food supply

Local Self Govt:

Availed nutrition kit


Local Self Govt: sanctioned the Nutrition kit programme through District Panchayats and implemented through PLHIV Networks

Financial Aid

Health & Family Welfare Dept:

Provided Rs.1000/- for on ART PLHIV  



Health & Family Welfare Dept: sanctioned Rs. 3.50crs for providing financial aid to the on ART PLHIVs through KSACS


Advocacy & Mainstreaming Trainings:

Under this programme advocacy programmes with line departments and Stake holders are conducted and different types of Trainings like Orientation , Sensitisation and Induction trainings are conducted for staff and officials of various departments like Police, Education, Labour, Industries, Tribal Department, Railways, Women & Child, Etc.

Activites done in 2021-22 (April to August 2021)

  • A total number of 55 posts were created and uploaded in the FB page of KSACS, of which 41 were posters and 11 short videos, 2 Live streaming
  • FB Posts were done as part of various Day Observances and General Information on HIV (Prevention, EMTCT, Drug abuse, VBD)
  • Videos were posted in YouTube channel of Kerala SACS.
  • Updates in website

World Blood Donor Day Event (14 June, 2021) : State  Level Inauguration Online, Hon’ble Health Minister inaugurated.Live streaming of the Event through DHS and KSACS FB Pages. Event Brochure, Banner & Social Media Posts. VBD Camp organized with Kerala Police, which was inaugurated by Mr. Loknath Behra IPS, State Police Chief & DGP. One week long VBD Drive was conducted in association with volunteers of Nehru Yuva Kendra District Level: Fuds transferred to DMO/DACO for conducting programmes.

Mass Media :

TV ad spots (‘Be a Super Hero’ by Manju Warrier & Neeraj Madhav)  in 9 TV channels: 2 Days 13th & 14th June

Radio Spots: 5 FM Channels and 5 Community Radios. 3 Days 12th, 13th & 14th June

Day branding in Akashavani on 14th June.

Newspaper Ads: in 12 Malayalam newspapers , edition-wise and 3 English newspapers –All Kerala

Be-Like Campaign for Celebrating blood donors and honouring their great hearted service to the society on World Blood Donors Day.
Encouraging all potential blood donors to actively participate in blood donations and thereby evoking a sense of social responsibility among people.

  • Super Hero Animation Posts: 30 secs short video that instantly grabbed people’s attention. The videos focused on targeting the youth to engage them in blood donation activities and to shed their inhibitions and participate freely. (Manju Warrier & Neeraj Madhav, Voice –over used)
  • Short videos created KSACS and those by District Level authorities were uploaded in KSACS Youtube pages.

International Youth Day  Event (August 12 , 2021: On this Day Awareness programmes for school Students and College Students were launched as part of New India @ 75 Programme. RRC Peer Conference was done

IEC Material Production:

New set of IEC materials ( leaflets on HIV ACT, HIV TB, Booklets in EMTCT, Social Protection Schemes, ART , KSACS Service Centers, Flip book on Condom use, Booklet on Services of KSACS. Animation movie on ART done . Process for installation of Info Boards in Hospitals and production of  KIOSKS (Canopy for Exhibitions)  

GIPA & Advocay &  Mainstreaming Training

  • Capacity Building of DLN for community system strengthening: Conducted orientation program (Google meet) for the PLHIVs regarding updating of ART regimen & Covid Vaccination in PLHIVs. Program conducted as three region & around 200 PLHIVs participated in the programme.

Way Forward:

 Campaign Roll Out:

Launch of Know Your Status Campaign: Prelaunch activities like Orientation Programme of  Staff of KSACS at Peripheral units like ICTC, STI, ART, TI Projects and stakeholders like Vihaan, PLHIV network. Campaign period September to December 2021

Advocacy and Mainstreaming Trainings are scheduled from September to December 2021.

HIV& AIDS (P&C) Act 2017- Status: Draft rules were framed and will be notified by September 2021. Appointment of Ombudsman will be done after the Rules approved and notified.

State Council on AIDS meeting and formation of Legislative Forum on AIDS and State level consultation for uptake of Social Protection schemes will be completed by September 2021 . KELSA, JWG, Interdepartmental meeting and is planned for October 2021.

Other events, Day Observance and Training will be completed as per Annual Action Plan 2021-22

Covid-19 and IEC

  • Leaflets printed giving awareness for Prevention of Covid – 2 types printed and distributed.
  • Leaflets on what are the measures to be taken by HIV positive people during Covid 19.
  • Face Book post to prevent stigma to HIV Positive people.
  • Face Book page post giving awareness about helpline number 1097 to be used during Covid 19.
  • Face Book post shared to give awareness on steps to facilitate Voluntary blood donation during Covid19  and Covid vaccination
  • Video Spot shared in Face Book page regarding the promotion of VBD during Covid 19. List of phone numbers of Blood Banks also shared.  Do’s and Don’ts by HIV positive persons through Face Book posts.
  • Face Book post on availability of ART medicines at ART Centre and home delivery.
  • Live Streaming through KSACS FB page and Health Dept. FB page, the Technical and Interactive Session on the topic “Voluntary Blood Donation During Covid“



Sl. No


Amount Sanctioned


No: of Beneficiaries availed


2020- 2021







(due amount released up to April 2020)