1. Information Education and Communication (IEC)


5.1  Introduction

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) for promoting behaviour change and to encourage and sustain positive healthy behaviours among individuals and communities is the cornerstone of HIV programming. IEC embrace within its ambit not just material development but provide synthesis of Mass Media, IPC, Social mobilization and advocacy and community participation that all has to go hand in hand. Thus IEC is component specific, issue specific and catering to the needs of each and every target population perfectly blended with each and every component of National AIDS Control Programme. In the current phase of NACP, Information, Education and Communication activities focus on the areas of Mass Media, IEC printing and distribution, Outdoor and Mid Media, Events, Mainstreaming, Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV (GIPA) and Youth Affairs.

The IEC Strategy broadly focuses on:

1)         HIV prevention

2)         Service Uptake

3)         Diminishing of Stigma and Discrimination towards PLHIV

 4)         Civil Society Mainstreaming


5.2Campaign Roll-Out

  • Best Use of influential people for our Campaigns: Mr. Mohanlal& Ms. ManjuWarrier as Goodwill Ambassadors. Introduction of Yuva Krishna-actor- as the Youth Ambassador. Awareness Video spots were developed using these celebrities.  
  • Specialized Campaigns like Sradha Campaign, Know Your Status Campaign started focusing on 90-90-90 targets and EMTCT Campaign already started
  • Folk Media Campaign focused on Tribal, Coastal and rural areas-themes updated with Global Elimination, KYS, 90-90-90, EMTCT
  • To achieve 95-95-95 targets, Campaigns including Traditional & Modern Media activities will be continued
  • To increase foot fall in ICTCs for achieving first 95, Know Your HIV Status Campaign and EMTCT Campaign will be strengthened and Campaign focussing on Youth & HIV will be started with more involvement of Mainstreaming line departments and Private Health Sector, Departments dealing with Youth Affairs. 
  • Elimination of HIV by 2025.

5.3IEC, Youth & Mainstreaming Activities 2019-2020

Mass Media

Spots in Private TV Channels: We had developed ad spots starring Mr.Mohanlal and ManjuWarrier.  A total number of 40 spots targeted. We released 64 spots in connection with events like WBD Day, NBDDay, WAD. Channels: Asianet News, Flowers, MazhavilManorama, Matrubhumi TV, Mangalam TV (Prime time release with good TRP Ratings) . Allocation: Rs. 4 lakhs Expenditure: Rs. 3.99 lakhs

 Awareness Programmes in Radio: All India Radio an average of 500 spots are released annuallyand Long format awareness programmes are aired on thematic issues. As per Radio Research Unit survey more than 70% of Radio Households listen during morning and afternoon Long format programmes like Talk, Interviews and Live-phone Ins were done free of cost during events. hours. Two Day Brandings with greetings and average 450 seconds ad spots were done: Allocation Rs. 1.25 Lakhs. Expenditure 1.25 lakhs.

Spots in FM Channels:  Against the physical target of 480 spots, we have released 630 spots in Private FMs and Community Radios. Club FM and Red FM which are the major channels through we release ads have a listenership of nearly 50 lakhs as per Source IRS 2019 Q3.Just behind are Radio Mango, Radio Mirchiand Big FM. Allocation 4.8 Lakhs,  Expenditure: Rs 4.77 lakhs

Long Format Programmes in TV (Doordarshan& Private TV). An average of 10 episodes in different formats like Live-Phone-in, Talk Shows, Reports and Features are aired in connection with WAD free of cost.

Newspapers: Advertisements based on events, thematic ads and HIV related stories released through Newspapers. We release ads in newspapers with high circulation as per ABC, like Matrubhumi, Timesof India, Hindu etc. We give ads in specific editions also.  We have released ads in 52 ads in various editions. Readership is usually 2.5 times the circulation.So, if we give an ad in Matrubhumi, it reaches to 35 lakhs of people. Allocation: Rs.3 lakhs Expenditure: Rs.2.67 Lakhs

Magazine Ads: Articles and Ads are being given in Nammudeaarogyam, IMA Magazine, Allocation: 1.5 Lakhs, Expenditure 1.5 Lakhs.